If you go asking people in my life a little information about me, they will immediately tell you that I have this love thing – to read as obsession – with the city of Berlin.

It may sounds obvious to your ears, since the german capital has been both students and aspiring workers favorite destination from all over Europe for the last few years, but this affection of mine has started in early two thousand and nine, back when ninety percent of the people I talked to never went or never even thought of flying to this “sad and grey city”. Shocking.

Much has changed here over the years, at a social and infrastructural level; the city is messier, dirtier, more dangerous and disorganized. It is more crowded and saturated than ever, yet it remains my safe shelter, the place where I head every time I have the chance to and where I feel the happiest. Since the first minute I first landed in the capital airport, I felt like I found a place where to belong and to be my truest self.

Each time I get asked why I love Berlin this much, I answer the same way: it’s just about the feeling, love is not to be explained.

I don’t want to get emotional in here, so – concretely talking – for the big minority of you that still hasn’t had the pleasure or chance to visit the city, or for the ones who just strolled around Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz and Unter den Linden,  I will accompany you in a visual journey to discover the corners and spots the city has to offer and you wouldn’t find in a bookstore guide.


While looking for a new spot to have breakfast, I was introduced to this little gem by a friend who showed me a picture of the cutest hallway. Since I love both Persian carpets and plants I had to give it a try.

House of Small Wonder first opened in the the summer of 2010 in Brooklyn and soon became a popular place for breakfast, lunch and all day brunch and pastries. Few years later the new branch opened in Berlin and it is now located on the quite Johannisstraße, just off the busy Friedrichstraße. HOSW has a welcoming and warm atmosphere, lots of wood and lots of plants. Its culinary concept follows Japanese influences and flavors, daily soups and matcha teas and lattes are big part of the menu. You will be served greens, organic and local ingredients, homemade bread and pastries freshly baked each day.

Here you will have the sensation of being transported in another continent all of a sudden, you will be sitting in a relaxed greenhouse, sipping your hot oriental tea, right in the heart of chaotic Berlin.


I always enjoy taking a long walk in the nature and green city parks is what I’m looking for whenever I travel. Last time I was in Berlin I spent a morning walking in the less central Schloss Charlottenburg Park, under the drizzle and through muddy crossroads decorated with colorful autumnal trees. The view here is suggestive, many locals go jogging and work out in a charming green, red and yellow oasis, where the 17th century Palace stand still.

Walking past the beautiful turquoise Tea House Belvedere in Palace garden was my morning highlight. I’m a fan of Wes Anderson and all of his beautiful and extravagant settings and I felt like I was having my Anderson-moment right in front of this. Magic.