Even though I’m a fanatic of face masks and moisturizers (and will talk about that later on), if I had to choose between haircare and skincare, I’d probably go blindly for haircare. When you decide to keep your hair real long it is important to treat it as gentle and caring as possible. Dyeing after dyeing, bleaching after bleaching, you may notice your hair looks more like a scarecrow’s head and that is the right moment you need to get yourself some oil!

I’ve been using this multifunctional Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for a couple of months now and it has been a surprising success. This oil nourishes, repairs and gives softness to the hair, it has a light texture, an intense scent and – most importantly and unlike many other similiar products –  it doesn’t make your hair look oily and dirty. I apply it to moisturize the damaged ends or to give my hair a sleek style. All my thumbs (and more if I had) are up and up and up for this magic oil!

In this article I also want to share my thoughts about these vegan and breathable UK-based nail polishes. Growing up I’ve understood that chemicals do matter with what we put on our skin and nails, so I do opt for cruelty free and non toxic products whenever possible. After several reflections I decided to order the two Nailberry polishes you can see in the picture. Since the first application I noticed the light formula and the complete absence of that typical chemical smell other nail polishes have. The formula is made to let water and air pass through, so your nails will never be dry or damaged. I do like this product – even thought I probably chose the pink I like the least among all the beautiful nude shades – because I one hundred per cent respect the ethic. Of course missing all the chemicals the nail polish doesn’t last long, but at least you’re using something safe on your body.