When I want to take pictures of my outfits, location scouting is my first priority. A good outfit won’t be valued right if combined with a wrong background and, vice versa, a more simple outfit can become something really cool when the surroundings are eyes- and picture-worthy. Of course sharing interesting pictures become easier while traveling, but unfortunately we cannot live on a fast, nomad lane 365 a year. So with small precautions and good taste, even staying in your hoods will make your shots very hip. Generally talking, we may divide the background types in two groups: either I choose a place that has the same color palette as my outfit (as in the first picture below) or I just go for some color block contrast (this looks better with white, black or denim attires, just to avoid a messy result).

Two days, two looks. The weather was really nice but a little too windy at times, so the first day I wore an ASOS baker boy hat, with and old light blue animalier faux fur from Zara. The flare jeans are from Noisy May.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I have a serious thing for colorful parisian inspired doors and I enjoy posing with them (like here, in actual Paris). In fact, as I just said, the second day I took advantage of an almost total black outfit to pose with this beautiful red door. Red is my favorite color, so how could I resist not standing in front of it?
The oversized coat is from Paper, the beautiful snake print bag from & Other Stories.