When you don’t know what to wear for a special occasion, such as a ceremony, a night cocktail or a job interview, nothing is faster and more eye catching than a suit!
I find suits extremely powerful because, since getting dressed affects the attitude, they are able to reveal both confidence and security.

Instead of a traditional black suit, I prefer opting for a more colorful suit. Pastels are perfect for summer, but bold colors are synonymous with ass-kicking. It all depends on what you want to express and get from the event you’re attending.

See how easy it is to look memorable and elegant by matching wide leg tailored trousers with a clean cut top or a structured blazer in monochrome.

1. Topshop Pink Suit
2. Max Mara Linen Suit
3. Mango Modal-blend Suit
4. DA/DA Diane Ducasse Camel Suit

There are of course plenty other ways to dress for a special occasion or job interview, such as high waisted trousers with a long sleeve blouse and statement heels, or a long dress with a blazer to give the girly attire a strong twist.

Which suit is going to give you super powers?